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Matty Amendola has got something for everybody on Life Commercials


In today’s stagnant, ringtone-fueled, television-driven music industry, Matty Amendola is a breath of fresh air. Talented, versatile, determined fresh air. Matty has been playing drums professionally since the age of 13, has recorded on a countless amount of albums, and has released two of his own in the past year. He treats his solo projects as truly his own work – every track is self-written, self-produced, and self-performed. Most recently, Matty released his sophomore album, Life Commercials, a unique blend of funky drums and bass, scorching rock/pop guitars and honest lyrics. Everyone can find something to relate to on this collection of tracks. The record opens with “Now,” a burst of motivating energy that carries through to the Beatles-influenced “Hide” and the feel-good first single, “Summer.” Matty exposes all aspects of his life through his lyrics, from his artistic emotions on “Waiting” to the over-arching thread of love and relationships that weaves through the album. He transitions easily between heavy rock, catchy pop and slow ballads, forcing the listener to wonder what style he’ll pull out next. A twenty-year-old Brooklyn native, Matt has been making big moves and is being recognized for his work in the New York City and national music scenes. Don’t let his age fool you – this experienced musician started on drums at age five, and within a few short years he was sneaking into bars and clubs to sit in with as many musicians as possible. As a teenager, Matty started working as a musician for hire, making his mark performing on major television shows and national tours. In the summer of 2008, Matty proved he can do it all with his debut solo release, =Ecstasy.

Encouraged by his father, Billy Amendola, who had a Billboard Top 10 hit with his band Mantus in the 1970s, Matty developed his talents beyond the drum set, deciding to pick up a guitar and write his own music. “My songs became so personal to me that I couldn’t let anyone else sing them,” says Matty. “So I started training my voice.” (pull)By age 13, Matty was playing with a variety of bands, opening up for larger acts in nearly every small venue in New York City. Throughout high school, Matty worked as a drummer for hire for studio work and live shows. He also started his label, 825 Records, helping young talent by producing their music and giving them a professional, marketable product.(/pull) Matty was beginning his undergraduate music education when he embarked on a 22-city tour for “Jump,” a dance competition covered by Nickelodeon. He worked with well-known dancers and choreographers, including Laurie Kanyok (Movin’ Out), Dee Caspary (Justin Timberlake) and AJ Russo (Cirque du Soleil). Matty played drums and was named musical director of the show, performing at such world-renowned venues as the Supper Club and Radio City Music Hall. In between writing material for his solo projects, Matty develops all facets of his talents by performing and producing. He plays bass in TV personality Damien Fahey’s band, The Classic Futures. In addition to co-writing and co-producing their debut album, Another Way, Matty performed with The Classic Futures on MTV’s TRL and toured the Northeast.

The band’s exposure created major buzz; they were covered by Access Hollywood and every major music blog. His experience with them helped him discover his skill for studio work. “I love making parts and sounds feel multi-dimensional,” Matty states. “I really love producing.” Through his extensive touring, Matty quickly became a well-known drummer within the industry for his hard-hitting rock/funk style. He became a Pearl Drums endorser and appeared in advertisements for the Pearl Vision Series drum kit in every drum magazine in the United States. While touring and recording with multiple bands, Matty funded and released =Ecstasy on his own. “It was a total experiment for me,” he recalls. “I wanted something that both musicians and commercial radio listeners would dig. I’ve learned that’s a very difficult dynamic to capture, but every day is a learning process.” =Ecstasy successfully combined Matty’s multi-talented musicianship with catchy pop hooks, creating a unique sound and vibe all his own. Matty also plays drums with blues-rock band Weird Old America. Led by Nick Diaz, acclaimed by Guitar Player as a “musical chameleon,” Matty enjoys being able to focus on his first musical passion – the drums. “No matter what, I love nothing more than beating the shit out of some drums,” Matty emphasizes. “That’s something that exceeds any other mental or physical release.” Besides writing and producing =Ecstasy and Life Commercials, Matty also sang and played all the instruments. Audio engineer Butch Jones (Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Madonna) says, “Working with Matty is hard to put into a few short words. But it’s a real charge for me!”

Matty is currently in the studio producing a record for vocalist Jena Kraus, who sang on the Blind Melon track “Mouthful of Cavities.”

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